Smile With Us on National Smile Power Day on June 15th!

Did you know that a big investment you can make in your overall health and self-confidence is to make sure you have a healthy smile? June 15th is National Smile Power Day, and it’s a great time to become more aware of the many benefits of having a healthy, confident smile wherever you go! The Psychology and Physiology of Smiling... read more »

Dental Implants Are the Best Solution to Replacing Lost Teeth

When it comes to your smile, taking care of your teeth is an investment in your oral health that pays many dividends. With tooth loss, missing teeth can affect you in multiple ways. Even losing just one tooth can cause problems. Some of that is emotional, as people often feel self-conscious and embarrassed to smile if a prominent tooth is... read more »

Loudoun OMS’s Oral Pathology Services Can Help to Diagnose and Manage Many Different Oral Pathologic Conditions

Oral pathology services at Loudoun Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery include the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral and maxillofacial region. These conditions can arise in the teeth, the supportive bone, and the soft tissue of the mouth, throat, and neck. Signs that you might have an oral condition needing treatment include the following: -Swelling in the mouth -Persistent... read more »

Jaw Reshaping After a Tooth Extraction or to Prepare for Dentures

There are times when a patient needs oral surgery to reshape, smooth, and polish the jawbone when teeth are extracted or lost. Known as an alveoloplasty, this bone leveling is a surgical smoothing and recontouring of the jawbone ridge. Leveling Jawbone for Dentures This bone reshaping can be performed as part of a tooth extraction or as a stand-alone procedure... read more »

Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Is More Comfortable Than Ever Before!

Did you know that wisdom teeth are actually not needed? Much like an appendix, these third molars are superfluous, and some people don’t even develop them. Because of this, and because they often lead to problems over time, it is common to remove them before they can cause trouble. The third molars (wisdom teeth) are located in the back of... read more »

Periodontal Disease and Its Consequences

September is National Gum Care month raising gum health awareness. As new research develops, we see a rise in medical conditions related to infected gums – such as heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications and more – and how preventing gum (periodontal) disease is vital for both your oral and overall health. Ongoing research increasingly supports the idea that inflammation caused... read more »

What Kind of Treatment Will Your Dental Infection Require?

A dental infection can arise from factors such as tooth decay, advanced gum disease, poor oral hygiene, failed previous dental work, or trauma to the mouth and teeth. The bacterial overgrowth in an acute infection results in a fluid buildup (abscess) and swelling, which is accompanied by heightened pain and sensitivity. The thing to remember about these infections is that... read more »

What Do You Know About Teeth-in-a-Day® Implants?

For many years, dentures were considered the only solution for replacing multiple or all missing teeth. But thanks to modern technology and advances in the dental implant dentistry, you have the choice of having Teeth-in-a-Day® restorations. This surgical and prosthetic process gives you dental implants and replacement teeth all in the same day to restore your smile after tooth loss.... read more »