Both implants and natural teeth are best maintained when there is healthy gum tissue to surround them. In the past, poor gum tissues were considered untreatable and were often blamed as the cause for the failure of complicated dental treatments and restorations.

Dr. Bluhm, Dr. Dorsch, and Dr. Vandervort utilize some of the most advanced techniques and technologies to reconstruct the gum tissue surrounding your dental implants. These techniques are both functional (improving the ease of cleaning the implant) and cosmetic (allowing for natural-looking restorations with good color and shape). Having healthy gum tissue around implants and natural teeth helps maintain esthetics and helps avoid early recession defects.

Soft tissue grafting is usually done by taking a patient’s own tissue from the palate (roof of the mouth) and transferring it to the area needing augmentation. Sometimes an allograft (cadaver source) can be used, which has the advantage of not requiring a second surgical site to obtain the graft.

Periodontal reconstructive and plastic surgery, depending on your individual needs, may involve a procedure as simple as minor re-contouring of your gums or as complex as multi-staged grafting surgeries. Our oral surgeons will be glad to discuss your individual treatment needs with you during your consultation at Loudoun Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

These periodontal surgeries are performed in our out-patient surgical suite under local anesthesia or IV sedation. Your anesthetic options will be discussed with you during your consultation.

If you would like to learn more about soft tissue grafting in Ashburn and Leesburg, Virginia, please contact one of our offices today.