In cases of over-developed or protruding ears, otoplasty, or “pinning back” the ears, may be an option for you. This treatment is quite common and very safe, and children as young as six can choose to have otoplasty. Dr. Gene Vandervort, our cosmetic surgeon at Loudoun Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, is trained in several surgical procedures that can eliminate most of the problems that many people face related to over-developed ears.

If you are interested in being treated with otoplasty, Dr. Vandervort will discuss the procedure with you and provide you with pre-operative instructions. These may include stopping the use of specific drugs that contain aspirin several weeks before surgery. In addition, antibiotics we may prescribe antibiotics before surgery to help prevent infection.

At Loudoun Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we typically perform otoplasty with general anesthesia or IV sedation. Before your treatment, our cosmetic surgeon can help you know which option is best for you. Otoplasty can be performed in one of two ways: we may either fold the cartilage located on the back of the ear or remove excess cartilage. Afterwards, we will use sutures to close the incision and apply bandages to encourage faster healing. The procedure typically takes only a few hours to complete.

After the operation, it is not uncommon to experience bruising around the area. This will fade in two to three weeks. The bandages should only be needed for a few days and can then be replaced with a lighter dressing. You can shower and shampoo as normal a few days after the procedure. Most otoplasty patients can resume normal activities two to three days after the surgery.

If large or overdeveloped ears are making you self-conscious, we invite you to consult with our cosmetic surgeon about receiving otoplasty in Ashburn and Leesburg, Virginia. Call us today to learn more, and to set up your appointment.