The Greater Loudoun Study Club is an organization dedicated to the continuing education of the Loudoun County dental community. Our group was founded by Dr. Andrew Bluhm and Dr. Steve Dorsch in 2004, and it is a sub-chapter of the internationally recognized Seattle Study Club. The club’s focus is on interdisciplinary dentistry, and its mission is to provide an atmosphere where colleagues can learn with and from each other in a setting that allows free discourse and shared knowledge.

The club is co-directed by Dr. Bluhm, Dr. Dorsch and Dr. Gene Vandervort, but a team of coordinators and advisors is responsible for developing high-quality programming each year. The club’s academic calendar runs from September to May, and we meet once a month during that period. We have evening meetings and full-day sessions with programs that have something for everyone. Many of our speakers are nationally and internationally recognized, but we also draw on the knowledge of local practitioners, including members of our club. The core meetings of the Greater Loudoun Study Club are the treatment planning sessions. Here we evaluate actual cases and use our collective interdisciplinary knowledge to plan treatment. In this way, we make the study club experience unique and interactive, raising the bar of knowledge for all of us.

If you are interested in learning more about the Greater Loudoun Study Club or joining the study club, please contact our oral and maxillofacial surgery offices in Ashburn and Leesburg, Virginia.